We’re probably richer than we think we are

Over 100,000 NZers in world’s top 1%

According to figures compiled by Credit Suisse, 123,000 New Zealanders can say they are part of the exclusive one percent, which owns 48 percent of the world’s wealth.

To be part of that group, a person needs just over $970,000 in assets once debts have been subtracted.

Also, Linda Tirado (who writes for The Huffington Post),  on Nine To Noon

“People who are working class, who have two and three jobs  and feel disrespected and feel that they are never going to get ahead, those people never talk out loud, because we know we are supposed to be properly ashamed of ourselves and we never talk about what it is to be constantly in servitude to other people in a capitalist economy.”

Try The Global Richlist – and make sure that you keep scrolling down…

Yes, there are two sides to the story. None of this is meant to be taken seriously, in the respect that any of these figures or statements are exactly right. It does, however, seem like an interesting place from which to start examing our own lives.

From The Left….

Comment 953905:  The Left – we actually like people. That’s what I see as the main difference with the right. They like people like them, which is sort of like kissing a mirror.

…and from The Right

Comment 762163: It must be depressing being a leftie. No aspiration, glass always half empty, always the victim, poor me, it’s not fair….. You can pick someone who votes left as soon as they open their mouths


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