Growing Up

Why Growing Up Is Hard to Do (But Why the World Still Needs Adults)

When people say they don’t want to embrace adulthood, what they really mean is that they don’t want to be a grownup themselves, but they want to live in a world where everyone else is […] They want the world to be stable, predictable…so they can afford to be erratic and irresponsible. They want to be kids, but live in an adult world, where grownups are at the ready to take care of their every need.

Traits associated with maturity

  1. Personal responsibility
  2. Embracing the role of creator, rather than simply being a consumer.
  3. The ability to delay gratification
  4. self-control
  5. Critical thinking skills
  6. A good degree of self-reliance
  7. Responsibilities not only to oneself, but to others as well.

Why it’s harder to grow up today…

  1. The veneration of youth. Thus, the first obstacle to growing up is a fear that embracing an adult sensibility will turn us into close-minded, unoriginal dolts.
  2. Rather than gradually being initiated into the world of adults, we’re often expected to take on mature responsibilities all at once
  3. The abundance of choice. It’s hard to leave behind the feeling of being special, to admit one’s limitations, and to choose a course for one’s life, knowing that doing so may shut the door on other options.
  4. Isolation and the Loss of Tribe. The weight of adulthood feels hard to shoulder when you’re carrying it alone, instead of with a tribe.
  5. A Culture of Consumerism. There exists a large gap between the experience we gain in creation growing up, and the amount of creation required of us as adults.
  6. The Negative Portrayal of Adulthood in Popular Culture: it’s depicted in popular culture as grinding and miserable.

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