Monthly Archives: July 2014

Winter is Coming

Political parties like to present their policies as agents of good for everyone. They can’t tackle the big problems like resource depletion, water pollution, climate change, & economic inequality because, almost be definition, the solutions are a hard sell. It would be like biting the hands that elected you.

Any long term solutions have to show how we can have business as usual for as many people as possible. Maybe that is the problem. This is not a situation that is manageable; it is a series of approaching storms. People will get wet, they will lose their houses, their cars, their possessions, and maybe even their lives.

Whether we prepare or not, the storms are coming. We don’t know how hard they will hit, or where.

To talk of saving everything is foolishness. The only choice we have is whether or not to have that discussion. And then to decide on where to place the sandbags.

We might end up with Dilithium Crystals and flying cars but, in the meantime, I want resilience: low debt, options for cooking, cleaning, and waste disposal that don’t involve the national grid or any local government service. I want to have some security that I will be warm and well fed in my old age. I don’t believe that the government provides this assurance.

Storm or no storm, we all need to look after ourselves, and each other. And some of us will get wet.

Eating Out

Damn Styrofoam containers! They make it impossible to have a burger without feeling guilty.

If we can’t manage the little things then how can we engage with the big challenges?

Or is it that…

We can’t tackle the big things, so we take out our frustration on the small things?

Either way, a pox on them.